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JADIAS - An Avenue to expand greater engagement with jamaicans across the globe.


The Jamaica Diaspora Southern USA (JADIAS) is an organization that centers on Jamaica and its Diaspora. The organization includes representatives from the thirteen Southern States, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Mississippi and New Mexico. Our primary focus is to broaden Jamaica’s involvement in the Diaspora and create deeper levels if engagement in all thirteen states. Founded by Dr. Allan Cunningham,  the first elected Global Jamaica Diaspora Council Representative for these States, JADIAS primary role is to enhance Jamaica’s economic, and social well-being. JADIAS includes state representatives for all thirteen states and the board compromised of a typical non-profit organization structure. A calendar of events can be found on our page and our signature event is the JADIAS HALL OF FAME ceremony in October of each year.

Even though there is no direct relationship between JADIAS and Jamaica’s ministry of trade and foreign affairs, we still closely aligned our goals and mission of the ministry and are willing to explore all avenues of collaboration and cooperation with other Diaspora organizations. We have a direct relationship with the Consul General Hon. Oliver Mair and a high level of partnership with other affiliates within our region.

Therefore all our efforts are tailored to meet the needs of all 489k Jamaicans living in the Southern Diaspora while striving for excellence in our mission. Our non-profit organization is constantly seeking new and creative energies through our August membership drive. Please accept this as your opportunity to give back to our island of wood and water, Jamaica land we love. One love, one heart, one destiny.

Here at Jadias , we believe that none of us is as smart as all of us, hence our emphasis on building our Jamaican community within the 13 southern states.

Dr. Rose marie lewis

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If you are a Jamaican, whether by virtue of familial ties through marriage, or a direct descendant or relations or an immigrant, we love for you to become an active meber of the organization. Come with your talents, desires and ideas to help forge tighter connections in the Southern US Diaspora!

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