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Building a community of Jamaicans living in the 13 Southern States - Strong & Powerful Together

Welcome! We are excited to have you in this group as part of our Diaspora Community. This group was created to build a community of Jamaicans living in the Southern Diaspora, and seek to inform, educate, dialogue, report and motivate while offering support and encouragement within said Diaspora and Jamaica.

Dr. Allan G. Cunningham

Founder & Honorary Chair

Jamaica Diaspora Southern USA

Fellow Jamaicans,

It gives me great pleasure to serve as your Global Jamaica Diaspora Council representative for the 13 Southern States which includes, FL, GA, NC, SC, TX, TN, AL, AZ, AR, MI, OK, LA,  and NM.

I am even more fortunate to have founded this organization and to serve as its first Honorary Chair. The basic premise of this movement is to deepen our diasporic engagement in all thirteen states. Our collective ideology, purpose, and purpose will be a shared one.

An estimated 2.1 million Jamaicans live outside of the Island, and more than half of them were born in Jamaica. Here in the Southern diaspora we have an estimated 350,000. It is no secret that the Jamaican Diaspora plays an important role in the development of the “biggest little country” in the world.

Beyond just being senders of remittances, diasporas can also promote trade and foreign direct investment, create businesses and spur entrepreneurship, and transfer new knowledge and skills. Although few might have seen the movement as a waste of time, our Jamaican people are increasingly realizing that an engaged diaspora can be an asset — or even a counterweight to the emigration of skilled and talented migrants.

We can also make a non-economic contribution – for example, influencing new thinking about citizenship, identity and sense of belonging, and providing assistance to the Island in times of natural disasters and political instability. Jamaicans both in the diaspora and in the Island need to work together on policies that maximize the development dividend and benefit the economic, social and cultural interests of all.
Welcome to the Jamaica Diaspora Southern USA (JADIAS), “out of many one people”. I wish to leave you with these mighty words from our National Pledge: “Before God and All mankind.I pledge the love and loyalty of my heartThe wisdom and courage of my mind,The strength and vigor of my bodyIn the service of my fellow citizens!”

Once again, We welcome you ALL to our wonderful region, Jamaica Land We Love ; as such I leave you with these wonderful words from Marcus Mosiah Garvey: One, One Heart, One Destiny!!! Continue to spread the LOVE generously to everyone you come in contact with on this remarkable journey!!!

God Bless Jamaica

Dr. Allan G. Cunningham

Founder & Honorary Chair


Our Board


Dr. Rose Marie Lewis

Vice President

Catherine Malcolm


Yvonne H. Barnett JD

Board Member

Edward Sadler

Board Member

Rosette V. Rassiawarn

Fundraising Director

Sandra K. Gipson

Special Projects Director

Suzanne Moore

Global Jamaica Council Youth Leader

Amaya Lewis

Board Member

Sharon Laughton - Clifford


Raymond Powell

Board Member

Dr. Judith Brooks

Marketing Director

Karrelle Chang

State Chairs

South Carolina

Dr. April Taylor


Tony Gray


Dimitri Lyons

Our Mission

To Empower the Jamaica diaspora as change agents for the development of Jamaica And to energize our youth to contribute to an environment by maximizing their potential, knowledge And networks.

Our vision

Create a platform that optimizes social, moral and economic development.

Core values

Diversity – we provide an environment in which differences are valued for contributing to innovation Promoting creativity and maximizing individual potential. We uphold this value within our won organizations, as well as , in all our programs and affiliations.   Inclusiveness – Jadias has an inclusive approach towards development and focuses on a mature representation of the Jamaica diaspora.
Ownership – Jadias provides the diaspora with the right tools and instruments to gain visibility and Influence. We encourage the diaspora to lead collaborative efforts and perspectives towards development.

Our partners